What’s your birthstone?

Originally, birthstones were based on Zodiac, Gregorian, Ayurvedic and Tibetan calendars, to name a few. Some civilizations regarded them as either amulets, objects that protect you from harm, or Talismans, objects believed to have magical powers.

In addition, gemstones were assigned based on the season you were born and the day of the week (birthday stones).

In 1912, Jewelers of America standardized these calendars to produce the most traditional and consistently used list today.

• January – Garnet
• February – Amethyst
• March – Tourmaline or Aquamarine
• April – Diamond
• May –Emerald
• June – Pearl
• July – Ruby
• August – Peridot
• September – Sapphire
• October – Aquamarine
• November – Topaz
• December – Zircon or Topaz

Topaz – Booker’s Cross Cut