Fantasy / Concave Cut Designs

This page is intended primarily for people with a background in faceting (gemstone cutting) or who have an interest in the emerging art of Fantasy and Concave Cutting. Fantasy / Concave Cuts involve the creative use of refracted light through a gemstone to form unusual effects—which produce more brilliant, interesting and stunning gems.

By their nature, Fantasy and Concave Cuts are more complex than standard cuts because they require special equipment, such as the Ultra Tec Fantasy and Concave Machines. They also require an understanding of gemstone refraction that is typically beyond the beginner level.

Download a Fantasy / Concave Cut Design

Ashton Gems is building a collection of Fantasy and Concave Cut Designs that interested people may view and use for any purpose. At this time, we are not charging for the designs on this page. Feel free to download the design(s) that interest you.

In addition, please check back, since we will be adding more designs to this page over time.

Have a question? Feel free to contact Larry at Ashton Gems if you are interested in learning more about Fantasy and Concave Cuts, including purchasing an
Ultra Tec Fantasy Machine.

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Download Bi-Color Citrine – V5 Star Cut

Download Bi-Color Amethyst – Guernsey Maze Cut

Download Bi-Color Citrine – Morgan’s Star Cut

Download Sunfire Citrine – Autumn Blaze Cut

Download Bi-Color Amethyst – Stark Raving Mad Cut

Download Lemon Citrine – Mad for Me Cut

Download Bi-Color Citrine – Slice of Pie Cut

Download Lavender Quartz – Compass Cut

Download Smoky Quartz – Eli’s Voyage Cut

Download Bi-Color Green Amethyst – Bamboo Cut

Download Amethyst – Slice of Pie Cut

Download Honey/Green Color-Change Cristinite – Legacy Cut

Download Ametrine – Saturn Cut

Download Bi-Color Neon Green Quartz – Izzy’s Folly Cut

Download Oregon Sunstone – Fiery Cut

Download Neon Green Quartz – Ariel Cut

Download Ametrine – Sophie’s Charm Cut

Download Topaz – Booker’s Cross Cut

Download Smoky Quartz – Hole-in-One Cut

Download Cobalt Blue Cristinite – Domino Effect Cut

Download Neon Green Quartz – Pinwheel Cut

Download Neon Green Quartz – Remy’s Flower Cut

Download Ametrine – Sybil’s Kiss Cut

Download Amethyst – One-Eyed Jack Cut

Download Ametrine – Mary Ann Cut

Download Ametrine – Zenobia Cut

Download Bi-Color Citrine – Kit’s Wonder Cut

Download Quartz Vortex Cut