Whether you are designing custom jewelry or simply need a gemstone to fit a setting you already have, Ashton Gems provides expert faceting to order. If the stone you’re looking for isn’t already available on our Gemstone Gallery, we’ll ask you for the information we need to cut your stone to your exact specifications. We can even help if you’re not quite sure how to provide that information.

Why Ashton

In case you don’t know the difference between gem cutters (faceters), you might be tempted to simply select one with the cheapest prices who says they can do the job. But, like any industry with skilled professionals, there are vast differences between the work you’ll find from one faceter to another. We take our time and focus on quality precision faceting so your gemstone is brilliant and beautiful!

What to Look for in a Gem Cutter

Make sure you look for a faceter with all of the following qualifications:

  • Experience – at least 10 years recommended (our faceter has 20 years).
  • Using the highest quality precision equipment made (e.g. Ultra Tec). This is important, since it helps us produce the highest quality gemstone for your money.
  • Provides drawings of the cut for your approval before beginning. This helps us understand exactly what you want so you get what you want–no surprises.

How it Works

If you don’t see what you want in our Gemstone Gallery, then you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Gemstone Type: specify (e.g. sapphire, tourmaline, etc.) along with any unique color characteristics you want
  • Size: carats or millimeter measurements
  • Shape: either see our Gemstone Shapes page for standard shapes, or draw the unique free-form shape you want.

If you already have the setting, you can have it measured by a jewelry store or ship it to us for detailed examination and exact fitting.

If you don’t have the setting, we’ll ask you questions about your final intended use of the gemstone. For example, the hardness matters. Some stones are too soft for rings or bracelets that are subject to frequent banging or scratching during use. Other stones change color depending on where and when they’re viewed, so day vs. night use and natural vs. artificial light source could be an issue.

Next, we’ll send you a cutting diagram that outlines your custom order in writing for your review. Once you approve the diagram and provide payment, we’ll begin cutting.

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