Gemstone Cutting Lessons

We offer ONE-ON-ONE gemstone cutting lessons at our studio in Cleveland, Tennessee.

The lessons are for flat faceting (using the Ultra Tec V5 Machine), concave/fantasy cutting (using the Ultra Tec Fantasy Machine), or both.

If you would like to get into gemstone cutting, as a hobby or a profession, we offer a 5 to 6 day course on either machine, or 10 days for both.  We recommend taking the full length of time offered for each course, but we will make an exception depending on your circumstances.

Prior faceting experience is not essential for training on the V5 Machine, but it is needed in order to use the Fantasy Machine.  Previous experience using — or owning — a different brand faceting machine is sufficient.  If you want to continue using your existing faceting machine, the dop sticks need to be 1/4” in diameter (Ultra Tec dop sticks are 1/4”).

Our “hands on” method for the V5 course will provide you with the skills needed to cut a standard shape of your choosing, as well as an oval, during your time in our studio.  The oval is one of the most universal shapes, but it requires far more instruction to cut.  Once you have mastered an oval, you will find stones of equal symmetry that much easier.  In addition to cutting your own gemstones, you will learn all about cutting and polishing laps, tools, gemstone cutting diagrams, and rough gem material. We will even provide you with a list of vendors we use on a regular basis.

The regular price for lessons is $250 per day (we can pro-rate depending on the circumstances).

If you have questions about lessons or equipment, please call or email.

Larry and Morgan Mattos, 423-464-4287 or [email protected]